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Articles issus des Journées d’études sur Everyman, Tours, 10-11 octobre 2008
Textes réunis par Richard Hillman
Publié le 12/12/2008 - Scène européenne, « Theta »

Seizing the occasion of the appearance of Everyman (for the second time) on the programme of the French Agrégation programme in English, members of the Centre d’Études Supérieures de la Renaissance (Université de Tours/CNRS) invited an international panel of specialists to offer new perspectives on the most widely known, edited and discussed specimen of medieval English drama. The result is eight innovative essays, which build on existing scholarship in a wide variety of categories ranging from cultural and religious contexts to theatrical effects, with particular attention to the play’s provocatively anomalous relation to contemporary productions of the Scène Européenne.


Luc Bergmans
Elckerlÿc et Everyman

Pauline Blanc
Identity and the Seven Sacraments in Everyman

Sarah Carpenter
Dramatising Death in Everyman

Jean-Paul Débax
An Assessment of Cawley’s Introduction to his 1961 Edition of Everyman

Francis Guinle
The Rituals of Passage in Everyman

Peter Happé
Is Everyman a Morality Play? An Exploration of Genre and Provenance

Richard Hillman
Doing Allegory Otherwise in Everyman

André Lascombes
Afterword: Everyman as a Dual Play